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Beautiful learning environment for schools.

Create a safe collaborative environment for your students within seconds.

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Let's embrace cloud technology.

The internet enables people to do amazing things, and for many teachers it's the most important tool they use with their students. We're creating more than a replacement for a school's LMS. We're creating an experience which is easy to use, integrated and globally connected.

The experience begins with our simple interface.

We've designed MEPO to be intelligently intuitive, so that any user interactions are simply fluid and make sense.

Carefully crafted features.

All of our features are hand-crafted to perfection. We make sure every detail enhances the overall design to create an elegant environment for learning and collaboration.

Classrooms & Communities.

We enable teachers to create a powerful online learning experience for their students, one that empowers them to be creative and express their ideas and opinions. It gives them identity within a community of like-minded learners. Distributing content is easier than ever. So too is creating informative posts for your students that can be viewed at any time.


We think the cloud is amazing, and moving school storage infrastructure to the cloud should be simple. We provide each user with their own cloud based personal drive; this eliminates the need for costly on-site storage servers. With intuitive sharing capabilities, a teacher's drive becomes a powerful tool for sharing resources.


Emailing or handing in handwritten assignments can be a hassle for students and teachers. We enable teachers to produce engaging digital assignments which their students can complete on any device. Our assignments feature is simple to use, allows teachers to comment and grade, and automatically stores results with analytics-style data capture.

Experience Global Connectivity.

We want students and teachers to have the tools to connect on a whole new level, one not limited by the walls of a classroom. Because we've designed MEPO for global connectivity, we enable students and teachers to safely expand their learning network globally.

easy to use

available anywhere

students love it